My Research

My research focuses on the physiology, ecology and biogeochemistry of coral reefs, with broad interests in:

  • The coral elementome
  • Coral physiology and ecology
  • Biogeochemistry
  • The impact of climate change on coral reef form and functioning
  • Trophic interactions
  • Super corals
  • Coral calcification and skeletal properties
  • Active reef management practices
  • Symbiont functional diversity and its role in the stability of the coral symbiosis
  • Naturally extreme coral environments, specifically mangrove habitats

Alongside my research I am passionate to champion the introduction and retention of women and girls in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I hold an Honorary Position with the United Nations as part of the second class of Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals and am a National Geographic Explorer.

In 2020 I was named an inaugural Australian Academy of Sciences STEM Women’s Gamechanger and made Time Magazines Next Generation Leaders list. I am passionate about communicating research to engage society to become part of the solutions required to ensure a perpetual Earth.

Research Partners

university of haifa
university of haifa

Current Projects

Previous Projects