I completed my BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science and Chemistry at Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina, USA (2006). After this I returned to England to complete my MSc in Environmental Management and Business at Sheffield Hallam University (2011). During this time I completed several internships in Environmental Consultancy, and at the end of my MSc set up my own Environmental Consultancy Company: GAIA Environmental Services LTD. The company specialised in impact assessment and Environmental Management Plans.

In 2011 I was given the opportunity to travel to Little Cayman, Cayman Islands to work at the Central Caribbean Marine Institute. Here, I worked as the Lab Manager and in-house Researcher. I was awarded a Fellowship to undertake my PhD affiliated with the University of Essex, England. My PhD focused on the ecological and physiological response of corals to variations in seawater carbonate chemistry, specifically studying corals living in naturally ‘extreme’ coral environments (e.g. mangrove lagoons) (2015).

In 2016 I was awarded an Endeavour Research Fellowship by the Australian Department of Education and Training, to conduct the first-ever study investigating the physiological properties and symbiont communities of corals living in extreme mangrove habitats. After this Fellowship I was offered a Postdoctoral Research position with ARC Future Fellow Assoc. Prof. David Suggett in the Climate Change Cluster (C3), at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and his collaborator Assoc. Prof. Bill Leggat from James Cook University (JCU).

In September 2018, I was announced as one of 17 Young Leaders for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations. This Honorary two year position will see me work with the United Nations to help catalyze the achievement of the SDG Goals.



  • PhD (2015), Marine Biology, University of Essex, England.
  • MSc (2011), Environmental Management and Business, Sheffield Hallam University, England.
  • BSc Hons. (2006), Environmental Science and Chemistry, Belmont Abbey College, USA.


  • Endeavour Research Fellow, Australian Government Department of Education and Training, Australia (2016)
  • Research Fellow, Central Caribbean Marine Institute, Cayman Islands (2012)