International Women’s Forum Cornerstone Conference – Tidal Wave: Changing Oceans Panel Member

GBR Legacy Research Expedition

Select media coverage from the research expedition.

National Geographic Expedition

Tedx Sydney 2018 Invited Pitch night

  • Invited presenter to talk about coral reefs and the value of mangrove corals

Corals thrive in hot, acidic and low oxygen mangrove environment

Selected media coverage of the Camp et al. 2017 paper in Scientific Reports.

Cohabitation of anemonefish when habitats are limited

Selected media coverage of the Camp et al. 2016 paper in Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

The impact of conservation education on the impact of SCUBA divers on coral reefs

  • Conservation education is a tool to reduce diver impacts on coral reefs. Florida Keys News (2010)



News Interviews


  • Ocean acidification and the mitigation effects of seagrass. 2SER Sydney Radio (2017)
  • The Paris Agreement. 2017: 2SER Sydney Radio (2017)